Success profile

Great performance is not random

You’re aware that some employees perform like stars in the company, while others struggle to live up to that level. But what’s the reason why some are better at meeting the requirements than others?

If you could answer that question, it would be easier to hire stars who can help your company achieve its goals.
The TT38 test makes it easy to identify what makes your stars top performers.

Employees’ person-job fit, person-culture fit and person-leader fit are scrutinized, giving you insight into which talents perform in the role.

Success profile ensures the right match

Based on TT38, success profiles can be put together in different ways. One method is to test your best employees; it could be three super salespeople in your team of 20 salespeople.

To find out why these three excel with higher sales than others, their results are compiled into a success profile. The profile represents the average of how the top three performers handle the organization’s processes and fit into the culture. This success profile can then be used as a template for future sales hires.

Another approach to success profiling is to conduct a TT38 team test on the entire team. Based on the results of the test, it is determined which talents the team could be strengthened by bringing in. This is an effective and data-driven approach to developing the company’s human resources – benefiting employees as they perform and thrive better when the team is able to stage their own talents.

Success profiles ensure better talent

At this stage, you may be using experience as an important parameter for hiring. Alternatively, you may be looking to hire from top-performing companies. Surprisingly for most, however, these methods are not an effective basis for predicting future performance. On the contrary, research suggests that experience is a poor measure of performance and that talent is not very portable from one organizational environment to another.

In contrast, creating a success profile based on the TT38 results of your own top performers will put an end to guessing whether people will be successful or not. Once you know what you’re looking for and how to find it, the success profile can quickly and painlessly be used as a basis for recruitment.



– Customer engagement: 3.4-6.9% increase
– Employee engagement: 9.0-15.0% increase
– Profit: 14.4-29.4% increase
– Sales: 10.3-19.3% increase
– Low churn: 5.8-16.1% reduction
– High churn: 26.0-71.8% reduction

Statements from happy customers

"In DOVISTA, we view “selection” as one of our most important competences, as our ability to choose the right people for the right position are crucial to creating the optimal organization.

In HR we have until recently based interviews on 4-factor profiles, which is an excellent conversation tool, but at the same time we were aware that we were missing an analysis and development tool.

Therefore, we choose to enter a collaboration with Talents Unlimited on their TT38 “Talent test” which gives us new and better opportunities to put together teams and organization based on a thorough test. It gives us opportunities we haven't had before. The fact that we have chosen to become certified ourselves, is because we see the tool utilized far wider than solely for recruitment, which is why we prefer it in-house, which allows us to work more agile, by having the competence ourselves"

"Personality tests have the effect of providing a rather caricatured - and therefore limited - image of a human being. TT38 is not like that.

TT38 draws a nuanced profile that better takes into account the often very contradictory qualities we each possess. The conclusions are not limited to "blue personality with a little green, so this is who you are", but is based on data on a wide range of personal traits and takes into account the interaction between them. It is all presented in a relatively straightforward way and is complemented by knowledgeable questioning and interpretation by Talents Unlimited, allowing the final nuances to come along

The warmest recommendations from here for both recruitment, efficiency and sheer curiosity"

"Talents Unlimited conducted the TT38 Talent Test on everyone in our team. It has been an eye-opening process for all parties, where each of us has been identified with personality, values, human top talents and non-talents - as well as their paradoxes.

I, as well as employees, are now geared to individualize the types of tasks we each enjoy the most, so that we can solve them with the least possible energy and get the highest possible output.

I really feel that we have shaped the pieces and we can now start to puzzle and create some even better teams that understand and complement each other's talents.

It will give us a better bottom line. Economically as well as socially"

"In our selection of candidates, TT38 has
predicted the behavior 100% right each time!
The 3 times we chose not to follow the test
the candidate failed!"

"At Canon, we have a strong focus on hiring the right profiles that can succeed in our highly competitive market. Therefore, in collaboration with Talents Unlimited, we have used the TT38 Talent Test to define a success profile in sales that shows the talents a seller must have to be successful in our industry.
We can see that when we are loyal to our success profile, our success rate is higher in getting a salesperson to succeed in the job. This is of great benefit to both the employee and the company.
We have now gone one step further and have used the TT38 Talent Test in connection with team building in our sales team. The sellers and executives have become more focused on their talents and how they can become even better sellers, as well as how the sales team improve each other with each other's talent contributions"

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