We are a testing house that provides psychometric tests to businesses and the public sector. We are nerdy specialists who, based on the latest science, help HR departments and managers understand their human resources so that employees thrive better and become more engaged. We understand that productivity depends on correctly staging employees and giving them the opportunity to work with their strengths.

The foundation of our solutions is the TT38 test, which, from its early steps 15 years ago to today, has been a tool with great ambitions. After continuous development, the current test is able to minimize bias so that unintended noise does not affect decisions that need to be made based on expertise. Whether hiring or selecting a project team or motivating individual employees in the best possible way, the TT38 test is the best that psychometrics can offer.



TALENT TEST Talents Unlimited was formed as a response to two statements that we collectively strive to debunk.

1.There are many test tools, but most are only sufficient to categorize people into a handful of generic boxes based on their behavior.

2. Leaders’ implicit biases in situations such as hiring mean that talent is lost, harming both the affected individuals and the organization.

It is our burning desire: “to contribute to creating a more effective professional universe where everyone has the opportunity to realize their potential based on their unique talents.”

This mission is our starting point. We aim to use science to eliminate bias in hiring and employee development so that disadvantaged groups such as religious minorities, women, and individuals with atypical resumes are not unfairly screened out without being fairly assessed on their potential to perform the task. Organizations across industries should be able to draw from a larger, more accurate talent pool and ultimately achieve better results than with outdated recruitment methods. For us, such development does not happen by merely classifying people as green or blue and introverted or extroverted. Instead, we see employees as whole people with unique talent blends and their own strengths and weaknesses.


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    A meta-analysis of 1.2 million people showed the following relationship between talent-based employee development and company output:

    • Customer engagement: 3.4–6.9% increase
    • Employee engagement: 9.0–15.0% increase
    • Profit: 14.4–29.4% increase
    • Sales: 10.3–19.3% increase
    • Low churn: 5.8–16.1% reduction
    • High churn: 26.0–71.8% reduction